Showa Denko Materials (America) Inc.

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Showa Denko Materials (America), Inc.

Showa Denko Materials (America), Inc.
Head office 2150 North First Street, Suite 350, San Jose, CA 95131, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-408-873-2200 Fax: +1-408-873-2284
Establishment October 1, 1975
Capital US$1.2 million
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Parker
Line of business Overseeing group companies in the U.S.A., administrative and business expansion supporting service, sales of functional materials and advanced components and systems, and R&D based on biotechnology


1975 October Showa Denko Materials (America), Inc. was established in New York as an International Business Division initiative by Showa Denko Materials. Capital increased over the next decade with an increase to $200,000 in 1979 and $2,000,000 in 1984.
1985 July New projects for us with a new factory in Atlanta, Georgia and the start of Multi Wiring Board manufacturing. The following year, capital reached new heights of $3,000,000.
1988 July The factory in Atlanta was sold to Hitachi Chemical Electro Products as part of Showa Denko Material's new reforms into the “New Era”.
1994 March As Showa Denko Materials prepped for the transition into the new millennium, our headquarters moved from New York to San Jose, California.
1997 A joint venture with Hitachi Dupont Microsystems was agreed on for sales of semiconductor polyimide materials.
2004 In response to the social innovation movement, a new corporate vision was announced: “Working on Wonders.” Projects under this new vision are centered around solving social problems through innovation of uncharted areas.
2007 We embarked on new ventures of expansions. First, due to a rise in products for the automobile industry, a branch in Detroit, Michigan was.
2008 July We became a 1% shareholder of Hitachi Chemical Mexico
2012 - Our 50th year as an independent company –
We purchased interest of Hitachi Powdered Metals America at 49%.
2015 We merged with Hitachi Chemical Research and fully obtained both Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics and Hitachi Powdered Metals America as full subsidiaries.
2017 We became the parent company of Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions
2018 April We became the parent company of Hitachi Chemical Mexico

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