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Carbon Sliding Materials

Glass-like Carbon has a pore-free and amorphous structure like that of glass and combines the features of carbon with those of glass.It has a high corrosion resistance, high hardness,high uniformity,and less particle. Considering the characteristics, Glass-like Carbon is used in Semiconducor Manufacturing Process, heat treatment Process etc.


Chemical stability :
HITALOCK has such a nature that it is not easily attacked by ordinary solution of acids, alkalis, of organic solvents.Chemical resistance is described in more detail in item 4 "Chemical properties".

High thermal conductivity :
Owing to HITALOCK's high thermal conductivity, heat generated at sliding part can be effectively dissipated. Thus, counterface material may not be damaged with minimized wear of HITALOCK.

High heat resistance :
Heat can hardly degrade the machanical strength and chemical properties of HITALOCK. If ample oxygen exists, oxidation will be started at a temperature over 350° C or so. When no oxygen is supplied, however, HITALOCK will not be oxidized even at a higher temperature between 450°C and 500°C(dependant on grade).

High heat-shock resistance :
Coefficient of thernal expansion is very low as compared with that of other metal materials. HITALOCK withstands a repetition of abrupt temperature change, incurring little crack. It should also be noted that HITALOCK impregnated with resin or metal has a somehow lower heat heat-shock resistance.

Self-lubricating property :
HITALOCK represents an outstanding self-lubrication, namely, it can be used without lubrication. Owing to this important nature, HITALOCK is very suitable for use where undersirable contamination by lubricant or similar accuracy to the case of ordinary metal materials.

Excellent machinability :
HITALOCK has an excellent machinability, and can be machined on machine tools such as lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, etc., obtaining the similar accuracy to the case of ordinary metal materials.

Others :
One of the major advantages of carbons is its porosity. By ipregnating the carbons with a resin or the like in the pores, they can be made impervious. After such treatment, carbons may be used as sealing materials. Further with this treatment, mechanical strength such as compressive strength, bending strength, etc. of carbons can be increased also along with its improved wear resistance. It should be noted that consultation should be made with us for examination of your intended uses of HITALOCK under any applicable regulations.