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Low Transmission Loss Material


"Type No.MCL-LX-67F" has low transmission loss that equals (a low dissipation factor) fluorine resin board(PTFE) and have a very excellent dielectric properties. Also, the processability of Type No.MCL-LX-67F does not require the type of treatment which is unique to the PTFE, thus can be processed using general FR-4 process. "Type No.MCL-LX-67F" is suitable for the antenna and converter PWB etc. of a high frequency band.


  • Transmission loss is about 30% of FR-4 and equal PTFE.
  • Possible processing with the process similar to FR-4.
  • The surface roughness is about1/2 of general FR-4.
  • Low water absorption and stable drift of dielectric properties after the moisture treatment.