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Masking Film for a Plating Process


This adhesive film is a masking film for the stripe plating on a lead-flame processing. It is suitable to mask non-plating part on various article materials, and it has an excellent chemical resistance.


  • Less infiltration of the plating liquid, because of the special adhesiveness.
  • High performance in Heat-resistant & Chemical-resistant.


  • It is suitable as a film which does the non-plating part in masking when various materials for the lead frame manufacturing are plated like the stripe.

Standard Specification

Grade (N/25mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Material
Film Hue Surface Note
K-2130B 0.69 0.05 20~100 2000 Special PP Blue Flat General Type
K-2140B 1.08
K-2150B 1.57
K-2160B 2.25
K-2165B 2.94
K-3940B 1.08 0.03 3000 PET Blue Flat Axxurate Type
K-3950B 1.37

* The above datasheet is a sample observation value under certain testing conditions, not guaranteed performance.

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