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Foamed Polyethylene Thermal Insulation Sleeve

Various sizes are available, or you can choose any size you want, wide/narrow & long/short. It is retentive of heat and the effect keeps long because of the anti-absorbent ability for moisture. It is suitable for a thermal stuff, like air conditioner and various freezing compartment.


  • Little copper corrosion
    The corrosion for copper is extremely small even after extended periods of service.
  • Long-term thermal insulation
    This product has an excellent thermal insulation property. The insulation effect lasts for long period because it is little or no moisture absorption.
  • Flexible
    Suit for bending operation and Increase the workability with the flexibility.
  • Excellent chemicals resistance
    Especially, they have a high performance in resistance for the corrosion from acids and alkalis.


  • Air conditioner piping thermal insulation
  • Refrigerating and air conditioner apparatus thermal insulation
  • Others

Air Conditioner

Piping set