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RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz) - Ultra Small Package Tag

Ultra Small Package Tag built-in antenna is developed for item level control, especially for very small and under harsh environment items which current existing tag can not apply. And easy to expand read range with booster antenna. Therefore the tag is able to covert to many kind of tag as usage and purpose.


  • Built-in antenna i.e., readable without external antenna.
  • Easy to Expand Read Range by Booster Antenna.
  • Easy to convert to other various kind of tag.
  • Same durability level as semiconductor parts.
  • Applicable to very small items under harsh environment.

Applicable for Item Level Control

  • PCB
  • Electronic Parts
  • Medicine, Cosmetic
  • Apparel, Cloth, etc.

Product review by
"The RFID Network"
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Introductory Movie of Ultra Small Package Tag
(in WMV-format, 2 min 11 sec)


Item Specification
Class IM5-PK2525
Size 2.5mmx2.5mmx0.4mm
Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C EPC C1Gen2
IC Chip Impiji Monza5
Memory EPC 128bit (16Byte)
TID 96bit (48bit Serial)

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