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RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz) - Document Tag

Document tag is a RFID label tag which optimized for a volume of documents and files to control properly. Espcially readable minimum space of documents is 1.2mm. It achieve extremely efficient work for inventory clearance and picking target of document.


  • The UHF Tag is optimized for document control.
  • Easy to use stock clearance, especially for stacked document in narrow space. (1.2mm min.)
  • High reading performance for huge amount of documents.
  • High reliabliity label tag.

Applicable for Item Level Control

Attachable to various documents for

  • Bank
  • Library
  • Law firm
  • Hospital

Introductory Movie of Ultra Document Tag
(in WMV-format, 2 min 11 sec)


Item Specification
Product Name IM5-DBK6406-R
Size 64mmx6mmx0.35mm
Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C EPC C1Gen2
IC Chip Impiji Monza5
Memory EPC 128bit (16Byte)
TID 96bit (48bit Serial)

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