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Functional Film Products

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film <HITALEX>

HITALEX protects the subject's surface, which is Name-plate, Coating plate, Resin plate, etc., from scratches, and it also improves the lubricating ability between the subjects and molds at the processing, like the bending and the drawing. The film also protects the subjects from various contamination. We are ready to serve all kinds of film and the adhesion strength for various purpose.

Adhesive Film For Display <HITALEX>

This products are high performance film for the surface protection of optical item, like Anti-reflection film, Diffuser, etc., at the processing and the transportation. We also have a high transparent film for the eternal bonding.

Film for a Semiconductor Related Products

HAE Series
Dicing film is an adhesive sheet and tape to fix semiconductor wafers. Various grades are available to suit the cutting method and the chip size

RM Series
Release sheet reduces the flash burr in molding of QFN packages etc.

Masking Film for a Plating Process <HITALEX>

This adhesive film is a masking film for the stripe plating on a lead-flame processing.
It is suitable to mask non-plating part on various article materials, and it has an excellent chemical resistance.

Cross-linked foamed polyethylene <Hiethylene-S>

It has a high-resistance for heat and a nice shock absorption property because the products are produced through high foaming of polyethylene. It is also anti-absorbent for water and moisture because of an independent foaming. It is easy to handle in the next process, and also it is possible to use in various way.

Inorganic dense-packed foam <Hiethylene- Super>

This foam is acknowledged for an excellent insulator on a bending roof, and it is cleared the severe standard test of heat-resistance & semi-incombustible. It is possible to use a conventional roll foaming process because of the flexibility & plasticity. Three types of color are available.

Foamed polyethylene thermal insulation sleeve <Hiethylene-Tube>

Various sizes are available, or you can choose any size you want, wide/narrow & long/short. It is retentive of heat and the effect keeps long because of the anti-absorbent ability for moisture. It is suitable for a thermal stuff, like air conditioner and various freezing compartment.

SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"

Showa Denko Material's SPD Film provides exceptional comfort because it allows users to quickly control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through windows and other “SPD-Smart” products. Highlights of SPD Film sales include a very large installation in a conference room and classrooms at Indiana University.

Showa Denko Materials has developed SPD (Suspended Particle Device) Film - "LCF-1103DHA" - through a technical license agreement with Research Frontiers Inc.

RFID Products UHF (860-920MHz)

Showa Denko Materials introduce three UHF RFID products which will be able to apply to many applications and just for that purpose. These are (1) Ultra small package Tag (2) Document Control Tag (3) Weldable metallic Tag.
All these are compliant with ISO/IEC18000-6C, EPCglobal C1Gen2.