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High Density Multi-Wire Board

Multiwire Board, is a PWB where copper wire pre-insulated with a polyimide resin is embedded in the insulation layer by a wiring machine to form a circuit.

Multiwire Board allows cross wiring so that the number of wires containable in one layer significantly increases, and consequently an high-density board can be manufactured with a smaller number of layers than an ordinary PWBs. In addition, as Multiwire Board uses copper wire of a uniform diameter, it is superior in various electric characteristics such as providing stable characteristic impedance. Multiwire Board has characteristics of equal length wiring between high speed CPUs. Comparing with the PWBs using etching method, easy pattern designing can be achieved with MWB.


Achieve high density wiring and reduction in number of layer by using the method of crossovers of the insulated wire.

Achieve wiring design to attain required electric characteristics by equal length wiring and pair wiring.

Realize the design characteristics easily because of the uniforming of wire diameter.