Showa Denko Materials (America) Inc.

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FEOL Application

Showa Denko Materials is a leading company of CeO2 slurry for STI. "GPX" shows excellent polishing performance and it is suitable for finer patterens.


  • Free form scratches by using tuned CeO2 particles.
  • High removal rate at low slurry content (CeO2:1%).
  • High planarization and selectivity between SiO2 and Si3N 4.
  • Unnecessary for conventional etch back process.

CMP Process

Advanced semiconductor devices with high performance are required to have multi-level layers, fine patterns to obtain high speed transmission. CMP process is indespensable to have well-planarized interlayer dielectric or metals in LSI and accomplish the above requirments.

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit HS-8005 series
HS-8005 series
HS-9000 series SiO2 slurry
Features -- High planarization Low scratch Good workability --
Supply form -- 2 components 2 components 1 component 1 component
Residual step height nm 50 10 10 200
Automatic stop on Si3N4 -- Available Available Available Available