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Semiconductor-Related Materials

Cleaning Sheet for Encapsulation Molding Die

N-CS Series

N-CS series is sheet type cleaning materials which removes stains from molding die for semiconductor encapsulation. With higher cleaning performance, it can reduce the time to clean-up molding die, compared with conventional cleaning compounds.

CMP Slurry <HS Series>

FEOL Application

Showa Denko Materials is a leading company of CeO2 slurry for STI. "GPX" is excellent for polishing and it is suitable for finer patterns.

BEOL Application

"GPX" has two types: HS-C series for Cu and HS-T series for barrier metals. The polishing performance is controllable for various processes and devices.

Die Bonding Paste <EPINAL ™>

for Lead Frame

EPINAL ™ has been used as die bonding adhesive for semiconductor devices. We have a top-level market share in die bonding paste.

for Substrate

EPINAL ™ has excellent adhesion to various materials. adhesiveness is controllable for different chip sizes and die bonding conditions. It is available for Pb-free reflow.

Die Bonding Film <HIATTACH>

Dicing Die Bonding Film FH Series

FH series is a two-in-one film with functions for both dicing tape and die bonding film. Enabling both tapes to be laminated to a wafer at a time, it achieves easy handling of thinner wafers. FH series is a co-developed product with The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Underfill Film UF Series

UF series has achieved flip chip interconnection only by applying heat and pressure without conventional liquid underfilling. Two types are available: with and without conductive particles. It can be available for various connection methods.

Epoxy Molding Compounds <CEL & GE Series>

for Lead Frame

Showa Denko Materials has a top-level market share in epoxy molding compounds. Our products meet the customers' demands and the changes of package trends.

for Substrate

This type is suitable for BGA and CSP, and has low warpage and excellent reflow crack resistance. It is also applicable for packages with narrow pad pitch and long wire.

for Power Devices

"CEL" with high thermal conductivity and superior moldability is suitable for power devices. The power devices get higher thermal conductivity by combining "CEL" with our high thermal conductive die bonding paste.

Liquid Encapsulants

CEL-C Series

Showa Denko Materials develops various types of liquid encapsulants along the cutting-edge package trend: TCP, COF, EBGA, wafer level CSP and so on.

High Heat Resistant Coating Materials <HIMAL>

HL Series

HL series is a high heat resistant coating material which forms high reliable film simply by drying the solvent at below 200oC. The film is suitable for various electronic parts and semiconductor devices by excellent flexibility, toughness and low warpage.

for Screen Printing HP Series

HP series is a high heat resistant paste with screen printable capability. It has excellent adhesiveness with Si wafer and polyimides, and it is used as junction coating resin for power devices and compliant layer for wafer level CSP. It is also suitable for non-contact high accuracy dispensing.

MAP Molding Support Tape

RT Series

RT series is used in the map molding process of semiconductor packages such as QFN and SON. Attaching on the reverse face of a lead frame, RT series has achieved no flush burr after molding and high productivity in wire bonding. The applications have been expanded to new packages besides QFN and SON, and we are looking for new other applications using the excellent high heat resistance feature.

Photosensitive Insulation Coating

AH Series

AH series is photosensitive and low temperature curable insulation coating. It can be patterned via photolithography and provides excellent film properties even by low temperature cure.

Release Sheet

RM Series

RM-4100 reduces the flash burr in molding QFN etc. package.